Stanton H4S V2

Direct from Stanton

Replacement headshell for Stanton turntables and most other brands. Compatible with headshell-mount needles like 680 and 890. Includes 2 weights for better tracking. Gunmetal gray finish.



The Stanton H4S V2 is a great budget headshell. Both the sound and finish are excellent for the price. The headshell is a perfect match for both the Stanton 500.V3 and the Shure M44-7. I have a pair of these in my personal collection and haven’t had any issues with them at all.

The only minor inconvenience is that the hardware package that is included is pretty low quality. If you like to experiment with things like changing cartridge angles, or overhangs, you need to get some better quality screws, as the included hardware will strip out in no time at all. I picked up a handful of stainless steel mounting screws for a couple dollars at the local hardware store, and haven’t had any complaints.

Ortofon SH-4

Direct from Ortofon

Ortofon’s line of headshells provides an elegant and high quality solution for a wide array of cartridges. Regardless of your preference in cartridges, Ortofon’s headshells are comprised of the highest quality materials and add unique distinction to your turntable.

The Ortofon SH-4 is a quality headshell for a midrange price. The headshell is made from heavy gauge aluminum, and features gold contact pins, and a nice polished finish. The lift lever is an oversized design that works well for djing. I would recommend the Shure M44-7 as a perfect match for a cartridge.

Gemini Hd-15

Direct from Gemini

The Gemini HD-15 Headshell features a silver finish and mounts standard 4-pin turntable cartridges.


The Gemini Hd-15 headshell is a basic cast aluminum headshell that has a good mass and weight. The pins are of decent quality, and it has a rubber washer to keep dust out of the pins.

Audio Technica AT-LH18

Direct from Audio Technica

Made from Audio-Technica’s “technichard” space technology super hard material rated microdiamond pyramid hardness exceeds 400. Surface hardness achieve its ultra strong strength and light weight through “technichard” aluminum material, developed by NASA. Ideal head shell for its ultra light weight and durability


The Audio Technica AT-LH18 is a great audiophile headshell. It is best paired with heavier cartridges, such as the Grado Prestige Green or AUDIO TECHNICA ATP-2XN, since the headshell is such light weight to begin with. Don’t be fooled by the lightweight design though, this headshell is extremely dense, meaning it will conduct vibrations very well. The greater the conduction, the better the detail of the sound.