Stanton 500.V3

Direct from Stanton

The 500.V3 is an updated version of the classic Stanton 500AL. With more years spent on the decks than any other cartridge in the world, the 500 series has earned a reputation as a standard. The 500.V3 represents a perfect balance between economy, reliability, ruggedness and optimum performance.


The Stanton 500 v3 is a great economic cartridge. For the price point of less than $50 each, you get performance and sound quality not found in the competition. The dynamic response is flat, the sound is crisp and vibrant.

Stanton has never really been in the spotlight for cartridges, as Shure has been dominating the pack. But these 500 V3 are a great contender. When you have 30 seconds to get ready – these carts respond decently well to being over weighted and shoddy setups, so quick setups in the club are ok!

Another thing to help keep the cost down on the 500v3 cart is that it is offered in a 2 pack blister. The cheaper packing material and lack of an included carrying case keeps these under $100 for a pair! These are a great match for the stock technics headshell or Stanton’s own H4-S2 Headshell.