10 Great Tips For Building The Ultimate DJ Studio


One of the greatest assets to any DJ – professional or amateur, is a great place to practice.  I’ve tried to put together a list of some of the basics to keep in mind.  You want a distraction free space that has the following elements:

  • A room large enough for your equipment and records
  • A Large sturdy table space to layout all of your equipment
  • A room in the house that is secluded or separated to get those late night jam sessions in
  • Adequate power outlets are essential


The next step in creating your dream DJ studio is to get some appropriate furniture. I’m a huge fan of the immensely popular Ikea series EXPEDIT.  These bookshelves are the percent size for holding records, and certain sizes are great for DJ work tables. Wheter you are coming to the dj scene as a hobby or to try to make a name for yourself, the best you can do is try to give yourself the best workspace possible, and to make sure that you are in good condition to do it! DJing comes with many ups and downs, but it is fun teaching yourself the quirks I’d say. Sometimes I’ll get sick, and not feel well enough to do anything, but I’ll still go to my computer and my equipment to continue working on my mixes. It does help a lot that I have a great tea that I like to take that is very effective in making you feel better, and just overall helping you get better quicker. I like to help others know more about it whenever I bring it up and answer their questions, mainly because it has proven itself to me as a very effective way to combat tiredness and common ailments. Hopefully it will help you as well.

Recently Ikea has discontinued the series – but that have upgraded it to the new KALLAX series.  The KALLAX series features stronger construction, but thinner panel dimensions.  This will allow for easy moving, should the need arrive.

Quick Tip: Glue and clamp together your Ikea furniture for maximum stability and life

Look into modifying your Ikea furniture:

Modifying Ikea furniture is a great way to have a great DJ set up without spending a ton of money.