Orotofon Elektro

Direct from Ortofon:

The Ortofon Elektro is durable enough to deal with extreme sound pressure and repeated vibrations, but is also able to produce an impressive, clean sound. It’s sleek looks mask a sophisticated cartridge build with a reinforced rubber suspension, excellent tracking ability and extreme competency with back-tracking and scratching. The bold, well rounded sound will benefit your set in the studio or in a live performance.


The Ortofon Elektro is one of the best sounding carts for EDM genres such as trance, house, and breaks. The cartridge is very punchy and has extremely tight bottom end. The output is super loud and clean. The highs are crisp and exaggerated, so careful with that EQ!

This is a great club cartridge for real vinyl. The one-piece concord design is fantastic for quick setup time. Make sure you use the correct weight settings though! Users of DVS systems such as Serato or Traktor would benefit more from a Shure M44-7.

It should be noted that Ortofon revised this cartridge and there are two different versions that are balanced slightly differently soundwise. The original is plain white in color, while the new version is a pearl white. The new version boasts an overall more clear output, and stronger bass and mids. If you’re going to purchase these new, shoot for the updated version.

I would highly discourage scratching with the Ortofon Elektro – if you want an Ortofon scratch cartridge, check out the Qbert Signature Model.

Ortofon Q.Bert

Direct from Ortofon

Co-designed by DJ Q.Bert for scratch and back-cueing. High tracking ability. Ultra high output

Co-developed by one of the most legendary DJs of all time, the Ortofon Q.Bert provides unsurpassed handling, high output voltage, and low wear characteristics that literally put it in a class of its own.

Turntablists and mix DJs alike will appreciate the strong output of this cartridge, coupled with unrivaled tracking ability and sonic characteristics.

The Q.Bert features a more subdued high end, which helps to minimize surface noise from worn vinyl, and an accentuated mid-range to help bring scratching to the front of the sound stage.

The Q-Bert has a supreme ability to trace the grooves of your records and it is tailored specifically for scratch. Due to its enomous output, it is perfect for scratch of all music with deep bass frequences.


The Ortofon Q.Bert is the Qbert signature model. It combines stellar Ortofon sound with Qbert demanded tracking. This is 100% a turntablist scratch cartridge. The needle sticks in the groove through all your craziest moves.

The Ortofon Qbert has a fairly flat response, except for the extended bass response. This is another cartridge that is a great compliment to hip-hop music. Vocals and samples are crystal clear, drum beats and bass notes are pronounced and smooth.

The only downside to the Qbert Signature Scratch Cartridge is the price. These carts are quite expensive, but it pays for the true Ortofon quality. If you want the ultimate scratch cartridge, it would be hard to go wrong with a set of the Ortofon Qberts.