Numark CC-1

Direct from Numark

The CC-1 is Numark’s most versatile cartridge, and the Scratch Perverts signature model. The Perverts are widely regarded as the finest turntablists in the world. They hold the 1999 DMC World Mixing Championship title, and they share the 2001 DMC World Team Championship title with the Allies. The CC-1 offers the ideal combination of high output and superior tracking for performance worthy of champions.


The Numark CC-1 Scratch Perverts signature model cartridge is a great choice for a concord scratch cartridge. The low price, and the ability to stick to vinyl like glue is a major attraction! The one piece concord design combined with the stylish lift lever give this cartridge a sleek, clean, modern look.

The cartridge produces a loud, balanced output. I believe that the Numark CC-1 sounds best for hip-hop, the warm mid range and tight bass complement the genre well.

The CC-1 also features a diamond conical stylus. This allows for lower record wear and less required weight. The stylus grips the groove by the wall, instead of the bottom.