Shure M95ED

Direct From Shure:

The M95EDID cartridges combines M95 performance and high trackability with the Shure Destaticizer whose conductive carbon fibers ground static charges on the record surface. An added bonus is the Side-Guard Stylus Protection System which responds to accidental side thrusts on the stylus by withdrawing the entire shank and tip safely into the stylus housing before damage can occur.

The Shure M95ED is an older model HIFI cartridge with decent entry level performance. They can still be found on ebay and perhaps some local record shops with older stock. The replacement styli are still available, with the part number of “N95ED.”

For those looking for an inexpensive way to achieve decent HIFI sound, the Shure M95ED is a great way to go, if you can find them! The M95ED offers decent stereo separation, with a flat tonal spectrum. Be advised these are NOT DJ cartridges, and will offer little in the durability aspect of back cueing and rougher record handling.

For a DJ style cartridge see the Shure M447 or the Shure white label.